New Scam Solar X

Been seeing this Solar X miner and token on a few YouTube channels. Tried to buy one. Got on telegram official group chat. Admin named Dima said I needed to verify my wallet before I could get my account activated.

Here is their website:

Long story short, I’m new and foolishly entered my wallet pass phrase in their link. They got a little over 5k in BTC and ETH.

This is coordinated as the website chat knew who Dima was. Official Help chat for solar x knew him also.

Would be a good thing for vosk to video about. Lots of people on telegram official group who haven’t received their miners.

I’d be willing to share all my screenshots of how they got me if it meant one person more wouldn’t fall for their scam.


Sadly you are not alone. Most of us have probably been drawn into this type of scam. It’s disheartening and certainly hits your pride.

Maybe a vid to explain how some of these scams work and how you get drawn into them. Primary never give your keys to anyone. There is no conceivable reason that I know of why you would need to surrender KEYS to anyone.

It’s a harsh lesson to learn unfortunately.

I didn’t give them my key. They sent me to a website saying I have to verify my wallet in order to be able to purchase a miner. This was directly from website chat. We switched to telegram where I was sent a link. Like I said, I know I screwed up.

If I did a video nobody would see it …lol

That’s why I said I’d be happy to share all my screenshots

The Dina guy is the admin of the solar x public group on telegram

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Damn, this was on my radar as an interesting concept. I was actually on the fence about just rolling the dice on it. Sorry for your loss big homie, thanks for the heads up!

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This has happened to me tonight is it really someone from solarx i fear it is. A chinese man called me wanted me to link something and seed phrase titles came up on that link so i said No.i know never to share seed phrase and i am starting to agree with an influencer not to use a wallet for more than one crypto. I have however sent $740 in usdt to solarx wallet address to buy a miner after my call from the Chinese man and all i read i am feeling unsettled as to whether the miner is going to appear now.:disappointed:.looking at recovery of usdt :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I am hoping the telegram is th only bit thats fake but its not building confidence regards my miner order and the fact my influencer that showed off the machine he got inc.earnings, :confounded:. Feeling sad hope my friend copes i am already to sad/depressed, to have another breakdown but he has spent more than his last pennys on this miner borrowing from me hope he copes