New Social Media launching on the Blockchain, Stable Growth Coins, and Sharding!

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are incredibly exciting, which is why a new social media platform launching on the blockchain is huge! Stable growth coins update and blockchain sharding verification! Sub to VoskCoin - a new blockchain powered social media -
GSX the cryptocurrency stable growth coin -

Apollo fintech, the Apollo blockchain, GSX the gold backed stable growth coin and now Stratus are all incredibly aggressive projects, even more so because they’re all contained within the same relative blockchain! Apollo APL successfully completed blockchain sharding which helps with lowering the barrier to entry to get more nodes to decentralize a blockchain more and also help with scalability issues. Social media is arguably the most popular and used thing in the world, and if someone can successfully put social media onto the blockchain AND get people to use it, it will quickly become one of the most popular services in the world, can Stratus achieve that? Also an update on the GSX sale, which has now ended the pre-sale and opened the coin distribution event.

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Any updates for GSX

The coin distribution event ends in 36 days. According to the online chat agent, “After that, we will launch the GSX officially and the team will announce the exchanges.”

Some interesting news put out by the Apollo Fintech CEO Stephen McCullah recently. Check out the vid at They will be using the ad revenue from their Stratus platform to purchase gold to back both the GSX and APL coins. When/if this happens, I would guess there will be at least a temporary bump in value. There is still time to get in on the GSX coin sale. It ends in a little over 5 days. I bought 1200 GSX using a combination of GPU rebate card and BTC. Use my referral ( for a 5% bonus or go straight to the site ( Best of luck!