New Teammembers for Voskcoin

Hey Vosk,

This is in response to the post you made about looking for new team members…

I don’t necessarily think I am the best person for the job, but you have many years of experience now that we are all looking to and drawing upon and perhaps it’s time to get someone on the channel who represents all of us symbolically! Call them a ‘co-host’ if you like, or a ‘Crypto-apprentice’ might be a better title.

What I mean is a person who is new to cryptocurrency and mining, and can ask you the kinds of questions that many of us newbies want to hear you answer or show us the ins and outs hands on so that you can have someone right there on camera with you to talk to/ teach?

I hope that helps, good luck in your search and thanks for all you do! :grin::+1::pick:

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