New to all mining

Hey all I’m very new to all of this I just built a cpu rig and have no clue to boot up or software to use any help?

Give us more info and/or a picture.

Watch that Vosk video. Have you covered all the major steps? Do you have the 2PIN on/off button/cord? Use the video to look for small steps you might have missed.

Do you have a Operating System? (like windows, mac, Linux or Hive) on a disk or flash stick?

No operating system yet trying to figure out one and how to download one to a flash drive

currnt setup msi450 motherboard with amd 7 1700 cpu and msi mpg z390 motherboard with Intel core 3 cpu both have 16gb of ram and 750 pcu

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Did you get a operating system installed?

Got one installed finally

What operating system are you using? What are you mining? Monero? What pool are you using?
What program are you using to mine?

I use hashvaults a lot, for cryptonight’s of all sorts.

So I’m running windows 10 and mining montero and using nicehash to see how it goes any better ones to use?

“Better” is subjective, so I’ll use profit. What you are doing is likely the most profitable route.

You’re not mining for yourself with a 3rd party miner. You pay nicehash fees and pool fees, and depending how you get paid out maybe a conversion/trade fee. But nicehash hits a lot of blocks with such a large pool that it may still be more profitable mining with a 3rd party miner.

Here is a web page showing list of Monero mining pools and links to programs you can use. I’ve used/use the 4 miners they list on that page, XMR-Stak (and RX version), SRBminer and XMRig (cpu).
They also list wallets. I recommend the GUI from . Really you want the CLI wallet, learn about that, but get a GUI to get a solid wallet you host and store your own monero.

If you explore mining with your own mining programs and enjoy it, there are more Cryptonight Algorithm coins you can CPU mine. has list of most mineable Cryptonight Coins. Explore that web site and read their mining info, just for general knowledge.

So how’s your set up doing?
I’ll admit your rigs have been on my mind. I like um, the whole CPU mine is cool stuff.

Getting payments? Happy with the hash rates? Like your pool? or are you running nicehash?

Did you ever explore CLI (command line interface)? I know downloading the entire XMR blockchain can be time consuming, but it’s worth it to be a host and not an actor in the big show.

So far with the three rigs running on nicehash not very profitable only made about 1.20 in a week. I’m giving them one more week then going to try to figure out another way to run them.

I have one more rig that will be built when the motherboard comes in and it should help out alot