New to bigbox asics and looking for a friendly Mentor for electrical install and types of plugs for KD5, DR5, L7 miners

Hi, I just ordered a few miners and am trying to figure out What type of setup and plugs I would need. I have KD5, DR5, L7 miners and I have 2 r630R receptacle plugs. Do I need to buy power strips for protection and what type of plugs do I need for this?

My mind is spinning here, not sure what needs to be done. Any help is appreciated:]

depends on how you want to do it. The Kd5 looks like it’s 2500 watts 11.36 amps call it 12amps 7.3 amps on the dr5 and 15.57 amps for the L7 so add them up and you have close to 36 amps you only want to use 80% of available power to be safe. Most pdu that I looked at get really expensive for that wattage I would get a 100 amp sub panel 4 gauge wire or bigger and run separate outlets on individual breakers to each 1 20amp for the kd5 with minimum 12 gauge wire. 1 15 amp for the dr5 Can use 14 gauge or bigger and a 30 amp for the L7 10 gauge wire. all 220 volt double pole breakers.

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Just remember two formulas that will help you, Power = Voltage x Current, or P (watts) = V (volts) x I (amps). Also, V (volts) = I (amps) x R (resistance in ohms). V = IR tells you that as resistance increase, voltage drops at constant amps. Plug this into the first P = VI equation and you’ll note that as voltage drops, amps will need to rise in order to feed power to the ASICs.

Power needs for your ASICs are L7 = 3425W, KD5 = 2250W, DR5 = 1800W. Assuming that your voltage would be 220V at the outlet, then you need capacity for (3425W+2250W+1800W) / 220V = 34A. Divide by 80% factor of safety and you get 42.5A, which means that you’d need two 30A circuits (e.g. 220V 30A double pole breaker) running 10/2 wire. So basically - and mind you, I’m not an electrician - you’d run the L7 on its own circuit and the KD5 and DR5 on the second circuit - either attached to a PDU or much cheaper would be two L6-30R outlets

Essentially this is my setup - though I’ll be running 4 ASICs at peak. I currently have an LT5 Pro on one 30A circuit (fwiw, I get 245V at the outlet) and a 2nd 30A circuit with two KD5’s. Once (if?) my L7 on order actually arrives, I’ll have the LT5 Pro/KD5 on one circuit with the L7/KD5 running on the 2nd circuit. I also have a whole house surge protector installed for previous owner by our power co.

I think the Tripp Lite (or similar) PDUs are very expensive for running newer high watt ASICs. A 220V 30A Tripp Lite PDU will set you back $250-$300. I don’t see the value. The larger capacity PDUs are 220V 30A, which basically allows you to connect 2 of the larger, newer ASICs. Cheaper to just to run sufficient outlets - taking care to count the amps, bake in 80% factor of safety, and run the correct gage wire.

Keep in mind that these PDUs are not surge protectors unless stated as such. If they are, look for amount of joules that it can absorb. I’m reaching the limit of my technical knowledge here but I doubt that a consumer grade surge protector would protect your ASIC miners.

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any suggestions on what type of surge protectors to buy??

or did your previous suggestion of getign a home surge protector work best?

Also, how do i check if the right gauge wires are used? I brought in a licensed electrician to do the job but i forgot to check before he left.