New to crypto mining

What is a good reasonable price a ASIC miner to buy and start out with. I have about $1000 I could spend.


Welcome! I am relatively new as well, but here is a website that will show you profitability, algos, and power consumption.

I am assuming you want to make a profit, and not just simply spend money on a $800 miner that loses you money. So use this website below to find a miner within your budget that will at least get you experience and not make you spend more money on electricity than profits…

And be warned, breaking even may take you over a year right now with the cost of miners.

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There’s alot more to it than this. First, find a cryptocurrency that you are interested in. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Nervos, Handshake, Dash, etc. Find a project that you actually care about.

Unless you only care about the profits, in which case use the link above.

You can buy BOX miners from Goldshell for less than 1k and they only require 120v. Most other miners require 240v, so you’d need to have that receptacle set-up.

I have not used him, but @Master3004 and @Aaron_Raycove sell to members here and might be able to assist you with purchasing a miner.

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There is a lot more. I agree. But its good to start small and learn, then go all in to your fav project. I love Monero, but at this time I dont have enough knowledge to even break even…

I have used @Master3004 and can vouch for him.

my suggestion is HNT. Helium Miners are good entry level. You get alot of learning from that experience. I been in the HNT mine since August.

The purchase of Bobcat, or Nebra, or RAK … its all a bad experience in time. 20-36 weeks wait time.

I brought 3 Bobcat on eBay at $1300 each. I used only 2 of them. I have one for sale if you are interested.