New to crypto mining

Hi so im very new to crypto and ive seen a few of vosk’s videos and I have several questions to get me started on my mining journey. Windows 10

  1. What is the best software I can use for ethereum mining?

  2. My rig is a 1060 6gb and a ryzen 3600. How much can I net in a day?

  3. How do I create a crypto address that I can use to store my crypto? Do every different crypto have a different address?

  4. Will my ram matter? I have 32g 3600mhz cl16

  5. I have a 5700xt on the way from RMA and I have an old bord with an old FX 4 core proccessor Im thinking I can set up as a secondary mining rig that will be going 24/7 is that good? Im thinking I should split the outputs of each computer into different monitors unless there is some weird way I can connect both PCs although I dont think I will be wasting time on that?

  6. I have 25mbps internet speed from where I live and 6gb/s download speed is that enough for one or two rigs (best case but most of the time its 3gb/s)?

  7. can i use to nicehash for etherum?

Try Phoenix miner 5.3b on 2miners pool or try T-rex miner

Rough guess is less than $1.00/day per card minus the electricity cost.
So, 10 cards = $10/day - about $2.25 in electricity

Get a wallet with lots of coins. (use phone) or Atomic wallet are good. Bitpay works as well as Zelcore wallet. Yes, each coin has a separate address, and some wallets change the address with each transaction but you can lock the address in most wallets, or continue using same address.

Even 16GB of ram is too much. But 8 GB is good for the GPU’s however today, a new fork was created for ETC that lets you mine with 3GB cards for now.

The 5700xt is one of the best mining cards … and most of us use mining motherboards with Gen 6 or gen 7 cpu’s (Celeron or Pentuim) so an old motherrboard will work just fine if there are enough Pcie slots for your cards and there are work arounds for that such as M.2 to pcie and riser adapters that have up to 4 usb slots on one pcie slot.

A solid ethernet connection is the most important factor, even a speed of 25mbps is ok as long as it doesn’t drop out

Yes, many people use nicehash to mine ethereum but not me…

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  1. Best is a matter of some debate. You can try running NiceHash to benchmark your GPU using several different algorithms. But, likely Phoenix miner.

  2. It depends on your electric cost… but, or for rough numbers.

  3. Every crypto currency has it’s own wallet. The official site for that coin should have a link where you can download a wallet to your PC - they typically also have links to mining software.

  4. No, not really for GPU mining outside of what is on the card.

  5. Up to you. 5700’s are much better at mining Eth than 1060’s and tend to be more profitable.

  6. Yes, mining tends to use low mbps.

  7. Nicehash pays in Bitcoin for mining, even though the most profitable thing is likely to be Eth for GPUs.

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So nicehash cant give you the ethereum that you just mined? Thank you!

Thank you!

How to setup an epool with phoenixminer? Ive extracted all the files but I dont understand the readme and the logs say that it doesnt detect an epool.txt file when I already created one following the instructions. Is there any visual demonstration of how to do it? Im very confused

Just change the settings in the bat file to your own