New to FPGA mining

I am new to mining in general but being a bit of a tech nerd (and IT guy) I like that FPGA miners can require more tinkering. Does anybody have any good places to go to get smaller FPGA miners and/or resources to tinker with them?

yes @CTRL-ALT-DEL check out MWD marketplace, you can get small FPGA miners there directly from the sellers.

I’ve never heard of this guys site before. And I haven’t seen this @MiningWatchdog guy post anything except in the last few days. I would NOT recommend buying from him without first asking some of the more OG members of the forum. @badgerlandcrypto, @MrMike1992, @Krisz, @ShredZ just to name a few are all frequent posters.

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@CTRL-ALT-DEL I would personally go with blackminers or fk33’s

:facepunch:t5::raised_hands:t5: Nice!!!

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