New to goldshell mini doge, any advise with set up please

Hey everyone,
This is my first set up. I got in 2 goldshell mini doge miners. Yes, I did read through other comments before posting.
Here is the problem. I had everything set up, including a emerson 750w psu. The psu appears to be working other then a yellow indicator light on under the ac light. I started both machines, they worked perfectly at start up. After a few moments they both shut down. No lights on at all. I disconnect everything and reconnected with a different outlet. The lights on the units come on for a brief moment and nothing else. Any suggestions? Could this be the psu or the units themselves?
Thank you everyone.

Is that a Dell Server power supply? Usually amber led means a power fault of some sort.
So I would suspect its looking for a sense signal and doesn’t see one because its not connected to a Server MB.

I cannot find any datasheet on this power supply and that is what you need to debug why the yellow led it lit in fault.

I do not think it is the Doge miners, its your power supply.

Try connecting just one unit and see if you still get the fault if you do, its not a load fault issue.
Get a different power supply or find the datasheet for this one and find out what the yellow fault led indicates. If you can solve why its faulting you may be able to trick the supply into thinking its on a server board.

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I agree with @StaticM, I think it’s a power supply issue. You can see the exclamation point next to the yellow light on the psu.


Thank you both