New to Mining - 1st Asic and RTX 3080 results

HI All,

I’ve been going down the crypto currency rabbit hole these last 2 months during lockdown and saw perfect opportunity to mine.

I work in IT and our server room is climate/temperature controlled and soundproofed.
I’ve been given the go ahead to put in my S9 (running at 16.5 Th/s) .
As we don’t pay electric, this should be making around £1 (bought s9 for £120 so ROI should be around 120 days) If I started this before the lockdown in March, the device would have payed for itself and started making a profit.

I’ve also been messing about with my 1080 using the NiceHash software, not the greatest results (20 Mh/s on DaggerHashimoto plugin).

Just got my RTX 3080 FE , lowered the voltage and currently getting 80 Mh/s = just over £1 every 24 hours. Would take over 3 years for ROI (got it for gaming but was interested to see what it could do)

My Plan is to see how well the s9 does (more concerned about sound then anything) if all being well, might get try to get a higher tier Asic miner such as Antminer z15 etc)