New To Mining advise / help needed

Hi All,

My name is Brett, I am From the UK and I am interested in getting involved in mining, I have been watching Vosks Videos since March (UK National Lockdown) where I was stuck at home, I have also been researching into mining on youtube. I have recently found an Innosilicone A10 Pro for sale from a reputable reseller for a decent price and I plan to mine Ethereum, Could someone please help me in regards to setting up wallets, mine pools ETC… for Ethereum / A10 Pro so that I can make the most out of the ASIC. It should arrive in about 1 week and i would like to put it to work ASAP. also any advise would be great.

Many Thanks

  1. you can use pretty much any wallet like ZelCore, Exodus, Guarda…, they all do BTC, ETH, ETC and so on
  2. choose your pool here, make sure you look at the pool fee’s and the minimum withdrawal amount (although that should not be an issue with an A10, since you can get the minimum in a few days)
  • some pools require you to setup a user, some pools require you to enter your wallet address
  • all pools have a pretty good description about their url and port numbers, incl. some examples
  1. once you have a pool you simply enter the details into your A10 and start
  2. the asic’s do need a few minutes (10-30min) to start, so be patient
  3. the moment the A10 found its first share, it should show up at your pools webpage
    I have pretty good experience with F2Pool ( “stratum+tcp://” + your username)

hope that helps, reach out any time, in case you run into an issue