New to mining hardware and software support

Iam new to mining please hardware,software and site for mining will do all the hard work to get there.

What coin(s) do you want to mine? What is your budget? How much does your power cost? Iā€™m glad to help but would need some more details. Are you mining for max profit or just for fun? Ethereum is the most profitable at the moment so (from low cost to high cost) AMD RX580, RX 5600XT, RX 5700, Radeon VIIs would be good GPUs to look at. 580s are the cheapest and Radeon VIIs are the most expensive so pick whichever suits your budget.

Here is my standard rig setup. I like to keep them to 8 GPUs max but you can do more less. You can buy a prebuilt GPU rig but they are expensive and not nearly as fun as building your own.

CPU - Celeron G3930
Motherboard - AsRock H110 Pro BTC+
RAM - 4-8GB DDR4
Risers - PCE164P-N03 ver 010C
Hard Drive - 120GB SSD
Frame - Veddha V3D
Power Supply - 2 x EVGA Supernova P2 1000W (for 8 x RX 5700)

Once you have a rig, get a crypto wallet ( I use and and then pick a pool for whatever coin you want to mine. For ethereum, here is a list

Then, pick your mining software. For ETH, the most popular for Windows are and If you would rather use a Linux mining OS, there is ,, and many more.

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Hi appreciate and so half with ur messg I want to do liking for profit and most importantly to learn mining once Iam pro at it I can do full
Pledge for big profit jst let me know the hardware u shown me are they available in India and please do let me if I can contact u on whtsapp to ge more knowledg thanx once again and Iam really grateful for ur reply