New to mining is honestly profitable or just hype

Is it actually profitable to mine still if I haven’t started yet? I’ll dump paychecks into this if it is

Short answer, Yes it is.

Yes it is. But don’t spend money you cannot live without. I am a hobby miner (new term I made up lol).
I have 2 PC’s and mine regularly, my electric is paid for so that isn’t a worry. I don’t break the bank with rewards but my daily $9 has been a steady hobby to learn the space, while making a little money on the side. At this point I am not rich from Mining nor did I believe I would ever be. However I have about $1K in Bitcoin and ETH and I have enjoyed learning along the way. So if you are new, my advice is to do your research, find what is best for your financial situation and make a move if it is right for you. Don’t dump paychecks into this if you cannot risk the loss. Just my 2 cents.


It is, but it’s unlikely to make you a ton of money. It’s better to treat it as a hobby, as stated in the post above. You can make a few extra bucks a week over electricity, but it’ll take a while to pay back the equipment costs. It’s also highly dependent on your electric rate, so if you have a high rate - it may not be worth your time.


How long have you been mining? You think you could mine the 32 eth before pos hits?

I have a 1.5 GH farm in my spare bedroom. I mine about .1 eth perday. Roughly 3 Ethereum a month. It can be incredibly profitable. However, if you do not already have the equipment it might be risky to invest knowing Eth is going to go POS.

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From what I’ve seen they are about halfway from having enough stake to flip it

you probably have a year maybe more to mine ETH, but again this is a guess. We don’t know when mining will be stopped yet. And even then you have other coins you can mine, ETC, RVN etc.

personally I have been mining as a hobby for 6 months and mined about $2.5K USD in coins. I traded a lot from ETH and BTC to ADA, ALGO, ATOM for POS rewards to mix up my portfolio.