New to mining, looking for guidance

Hey guys, I’m really new to crypto and I’m figuring out everything there is with all the mining. So the deal is that I work at a place that has a lot of computers, right now no one is using them because of the pandemic. But not all the computers have a GPU, the computers have a core i7 4th gen, so not anything top of the line. I would like to take advantage of this since no one is using the computers and they are online, anyway.

What will it be the best way to take advantage of the situation?

I was reading about monero, but I’m not sure since the price is really low.

I will use AwesomeMiner to do the work.

Thanks for the help

Since these are work computers, you might find that your IT department does not take too kindly to you using their equipment for crypto-mining. I’d reconsider this plan if you haven’t already been given permission to do so.

Yeah, I talked to my boss in the IT department and he said it’s ok :smile:

Your quickest and easiest way might just be to use NiceHash easyminer. Download the app, load and press play. It will mine Monero and then pay out in BTC.

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Great, I will do that. Thanks