New to mining - Need Help

I am overwhelmed and do not know where to start. I am reaching out here in hopes people can point me in the right direction. To make it easier, here is a list of my goals.

  1. I want to start small and grown my setup. 1 – 3 GPUs. I understand and have built PCs, so I am good there.
  2. I want to mine Eth and still be flexible to mine other coins if I wanted to.
  3. I want to generate a minimum of $200 per month and increase that as I purchase GPUs.

I have watched so many mining videos, and I think I am at the point of information overload.

Hey @jespana

Do you want AMD or Nvidia cards? ( Me, I’m an AMD fan)

I would say 8gb or higher and new gen cards. So much is changing, newer gen cards will just be more efficient.

Get a solid mobo that can take 6gpus ( for expansion)
Cpu, doesn’t need to be topend at all, just the right generation for the mobo and preferably one that supports on board graphics.
Ram 4gb should be plenty

PSU, from my own experience, using something 1200w and higher from the get go will run 3 cards and allow for expansion. The additional PCI plugs help cover the riser power demand.

Risers, 8s or 9s are very good and very stable. Power should be from PCI 6 pin connector for best power supply.

Frame, you can build your own or buy. It’s personal preference and space that decides here.

Then for OS, most of the guys I see use HiveOs, for this a 120gb SSD or a good 32gb Thumb drive will work. I use Smos, but will migrate to HiveOs once my rental time is up on SMOS

Setup, just start slow. One GPU at a time until the rig is up and running.

Try not overthink it. Get your parts and build step by step. It’s like building your own pc

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I started 1080ti and just installed 2 RX580’s and the 1080’s do better with ETH and with Staking the returns are better. Use a GPU calculator to help with decision making. The link to the calculator is just an estimate, some people get higher returns, Vosk has mentioned this at times. You can experiment with GPU’s to get an idea of what’s working right now. The fact that you can build a pc puts you ahead of most of us. Beforehand I swapped memory sticks & hard drives, now I open the pc the same way I open my 1994 300Zx tt car hood.

AMD’s are better architecture especially when used with Ryzen CPU’s. I think the coin mined and which pool you use makes a difference but I’m new to this as well. So I understand information overload, my solution is spend the money, educate and learn from mistakes. And I take notes from various videos and save videos to watch lists for later review.

I looked at rig frames & found that cheap metal shelves offered more space at a lesser cost. Homedepot has various options. I can get 6 shelves and have room for 2 dozen or so GPU’s when I try to build a rig. I plan to follow rig setups with motherboard and cpu’s that others have used to reduce incompatibility issues.

I’m using 2 PC’s with an extra fan added so I’m good to go for now. I plan to buy server space at Digital Ocean via Vosk link and try mining though other peoples devices. I put this off for several weeks due to a family illness but its time to grow and print more money.

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You should be able to realize your $200/month goal with just 3 GPU’s, and right now if you can even get a mining motherboard, they are prices upwards of 400% MSRP.

Motherboards mount to their cases/frames using standoffs. Often, there are more standoffs than holes in the motherboard to screw them down. These extra standoffs are easily removed. If not removed they will short out the motherboard prompting some to set motherboards on cardboard.

While PCIE lanes are important to large volumes of traffic, I haven’t had any bottleneck issues splitting one X1 PCIE lane into four USB outputs to Riser Boards. If your (cheaper) motherboard doesn’t have many PCIE slots try these: They are excellent. Runxin PCIe 1 to 4 PCI-Express 16X Slots Riser Card PCI-E 1X to External 4 PCI-e USB 3.0 Adapter Multiplier Card for Bitcoin Miner (1 Pcs): Computers & Accessories

For the highest quality Risers 9s, 10s, you should consider these using Coupon Code: " RedPandaMining "

March 8th Preorder – – Newest Version Riser 6-Pack - GPURisers

Don’t want to try NiceHash, HiveOS, SMOS??? Here are a few good miners you can add your address to.

PhoenixMiner 5.5c - AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner [2021]

Releases · trexminer/T-Rex · GitHub

Releases · develsoftware/GMinerRelease · GitHub

Wallets:?? People dealing in Crypto have wallets on their phones. They are also available for desktops.

BitPay is available for online shopping payments in Crypto

BitPay – Do more with your Bitcoin

Atomic Wallet: Many coins, atomic SWAPs, easy to use:

Atomic Cryptocurrency Wallet (

Zelcore Flux Wallet: Many coins, swaps, I’ve only used the desktop wallet. Supported on Discord

Zel is a zk-SNARKs Privacy Based Cryptocurrency Powering the Zel Ecosystem, giving users control over their privacy through cutting-edge zk-SNARKs private addresses. Wallet for mobile (mobile only in USA) Gives the advantage of spending crypto on your visa card. Beats paying all those fees sending coins to exchanges. Not a fan of CRO but the basic card should do. Also an Exchange which is a BONUS. - The Best Place to Buy, Sell and Pay with Crypto

OK, I’ve added my input. Happy Mining, and also realize that profits vary greatly all the time. So slow starting until you get the hang of it is wise.

Thank you for the replies. I will read this tomorrow as I have been studying for a quiz for college, and I am falling asleep right now. LOL

@Scoobylaw, I appreciate the information. I am going to start purchasing my items sometime in March. I will use my bonus to buy a few items, if not the remaining parts I need.

@GhostTiger, thank you for your input.

@Dollyshunk WOW, thank you for the URLs that help. I will open a wallet this weekend. I have not ordered parts yet because I wanted to get feedback here first.

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Your welcome Jespana. Many of us had the same information overload moments. Forget what you don’t want and build and learn as you go. Mis-Matching components worried me but sites like this eliminate many headaches.