New to mining, new rig

Hello, I’m new to mining and say you can tell. But I was wondering if I wanted to buy a mining rig. That was around maybe like a $1000 or so. That was very easy to set up and use. Does anybody have any recommendations? And how easy is it to set up one of these devices? I am very tech illiterate sometimes.

I appreciate any and all input an advice please.

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Same here. I’ve been looking to get into something around $1000 but there isn’t much out there except for the IceRiver KS0, but it’s only doing about $2 a day now. The hashrate is getting too high for it to keep up and will soon be a negative… unless KAS goes to the moon, but again, hashrate will catch up again.

If you’re technically challenged mining might be a bit tough for you. There are a couple plug n play type miners out there, but you do have to be able to learn so you can take care of your miners and troubleshoot problems they have.

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After you watched a bunck of voskcoin videos, honestly one of the best I have found in terms of explaining miners and all the steps to do it without bias. I would suggest starting with something smaller, like a “hobby” miner like one of those Goldshell box miners. Get a feel for it and see how you like it, there are always plenty of videos & guides to help you along the way.