New to mining want some information

I’m new to mining what is the best way for me to get into it. What kind of miner is simple to use for a beginner? Which digital wallet should I get? I have been doing my research but still, I know very little. Dropping all that coin blindly on a miner not knowing for sure is risky. Thank you for all the help

I am new also, and started with a goldshell box miner. It took me a while to get it figured out, but I did it. The box miners don’t use much power and are pretty quiet. I treated it more as a learning experience. Only after I had the box miner running did I go ahead with a bigger one.

Thank you for your advice I appreciate it. Is it any Goldshell box miner Or a specific one that you recommend to use to learn from.

Research the diff cryptos that you can mine with a box miner. As far as I know the setup is the same for all of them. Some are easier to get than others. Use to compare profitablity.

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