New to mining what next

What is first step to getting started in mining.

Same here. Wish they can help us

-Watch Vosk videos day and night to catch up
-Try to find a miner…good luck
-Get a wallet that supports your coins you mine
-Let it rip
-Good luck :+1:t3:


Good response :+1:

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Hi there!

I am in Montreal Canada, in the mountains.

I have a quasi unllimited access to startup money and i am wondering how best to proceed.
I have a few connections that have made it in this industry however i want to start mining from scratch on my own…

i am willing to hear any good advice and willing to give some dividends for proper coaching.

I ave been in the medical cannabis production industry for 25 years, somewhat of a pioneer and i want to use an ex-facilty that has 100 Amps free for mining alone and already has 48 000 btu of cooling.

have agreat day, and hope to hear from you in the near future.


I’d only add make sure you have the $ already in Coinbase. When these miners go on sale they can sell out in an hour. If you have to transfer the cash from your bank to Coinbase good luck doing it in time with the 3 verifications required.