New to the scene

Hi Im new to the mining and channel. Looking to get started if anyone has any old equipment they are willing to part with? Looking to get in at entry level so please no 10k+ rigs. :grinning:

Ebay for gpu’s, no joke, just be mindful of the descriptions. There are a lot of listings that show a gpu but if you read the description, it says its a printed picture and people are bidding $200 plus because they don’t read. So far I haven’t had a bad experience with ebay. As for all other equipment I go through amazon however I just saw a 6 gpu motherboard on newegg for 90 bucks. You can build cheaper than buying a turn key rig. Hell building is half the fun

GPU’s right now are stupid expensive especially if you’re wanting to mine ETH, but if you are wanting to get into a coin like ravencoin or ethereum classic, a 4gb gpu will do just fine and if you play it right, you can get them for under $300 per gpu