New User Tutorial

Happy Friday Everybody,

I am not the sharpest stick in the pile and am having difficulty finding the new user tutorial to earn my Certified Badge.
Have gone through all bot messages , all forums and tried search to find.
No luck.
If anyone can help guide an old man on when, where, how it would be much appreciated.

its a little painful to sit there and @discobot

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Hi there,

I appreciate you responding. I did find what you have attached during my search.
Maybe I am misunderstanding how the cert is earned. I thought there is an actual tutorial link. Have done all the bot has asked me to do.
Guess it doesn’t like me :cold_sweat:

you have to open your Direct Message ( DM )

Send a message to the DiscoBot

Read the next message and do what it says to do… on and on …

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Totally missed that, but just did it. Pretty cool and a great intro on how to use things! Only took a few min. Only step that didn’t work was the link share, so I skipped it.

I’m on mobile if it matters.

I finally figured it out.
Being a one watt bulb in a hundred watt world is a struggle.
Thank you for your guidence

Thanks for your help.
Have a good weekend.

Hello all!

Welcome, lots of info and a wealth of knowledge throughout this forum!

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Happy Friday