New way to own asics

So to start this off this is me (the owner of the website) talking about the concept, I’m not promoting it I’m wondering if it really even has any commercial use, and since I’m selling miners, I’m going to ask for the opinion of miners.

First of all, a big problem with the current basic market, or the mining market in general. It’s really hard to get started unless you’re willing to wait to get lucky on a drop, wait 26 weeks, or happen to have 12k plus tax plus tariffs and an adequate and safe electrical set up and can run an 80-decibel fan for 24 hours a day. Or if you want you can buy a 1400$ 165mh/s miner that will buy itself back in 4+ years if its earnings are the same across those four years.

Just listening to that should make you realize this isn’t really beginner-friendly, but come on try HNT mining put up a 20-foot antenna to make 10$ a day and wait 26 weeks or beat the bots in a drop or maybe pay 3 times the price on eBay.

Safe to say if you don’t extensively research crypto mining it seems unattractive and even if you do unless you have thousands how are you gonna try it out. So you’re asking what’s my point, am I just here to bash on mining and do nothing about it? Absolutely NOT.

Here’s my idea, I’ve been developing and designing a site, and it’s only hours from completion, what is it you ask, well it’s a hosting service but with suboptimal prices to own the miners and electric rates pretty high. So what am I actually doing that’s worth choosing me? The ability to buy 1% of any miner listed on our site and even 0.01 % for a few miners, and I’m selling them for 1% so buy 1% for 1% of the cost. Buy any specific miner that you really want but for an inflated price and around 0.15$/kWh electric rate. But that’s just temporary once you own 100% of the miner you can request a shipment of your miner to your house.

“Why such a high cost?” Well while we host the miner and first of all we need money in order to expand operations for more use for more customers, we pay for insuring the miner (until it shipped to you) and we also have advanced cooling systems to ensure that the silicon has the longest-lasting possible life for your sake. And since we also pay for the electrical systems as well. (in the near future we plan to go full clean renewable energy with it right now just being a portion) once we go fully renewable we’ll be able to slowly decrease electric costs. Since we make money from keeping the miners online, it’s also incentivizing us to have miners active at all times.

Now the way to actually way make money to profit off of our services, reinvestment. Reinvestment in your own stake means you can buy more “pieces” of miners instead of waiting to get the full ROI then buy another. Being able to get 1% means if you own a full miner you can get another 1% ownership in less than 10 days and the number of days keeps going lower each time you buy another 1%. And once you own so many miners where you can just buy another whole miner per 10 days that’s where our service is obsolete. But no one is doing that so buy 50% and let your stake grow, in KDA miners, BTC miners, and scrypt miners. It’s important to understand the product and the math, this is implementing faster and better exponential growth and is way faster to get you to 30 Asics than it would be to start out with one and keep adding more once you fully roi.

buying it means you’re in a forever contract where you’re paid what you’ve earned every 10 days or so (depending on how much you’re earning) and we only git rid of your stake once keeping the miner online isn’t self-sustaining in cost. You mine the most profitable coin automatically and you can request to get your payout in a different coin which will cost a 5% fee +network fees for swapping and the currencies. This also delays your payout since it’ll take more time to automate it and make it secure. So now that you’ve read this, questions, comments and concerns on my idea.


If I can distill this all down to a sentence, it sounds as though you want to provide structured vendor financing, i.e. with the financing aspect not being an interest rate per se but instead implicitly baked in via a structured contract? Sound about right?

Eventually and as you said, it’s going to come down to running the math vs other options.

It’s an interesting idea, instead of buying whole miners you can buy shares of a piece of hardware. It works great in theory, but then you have to consider the logistical nightmare this is. You have a lot of calculations you’ll need to make daily, legal documentation, and many other issues that may arise in such an offer.

Legally you can put a lien on anything, even Asics. So my question is if I buy 25% of a miner and someone else buys the other 75%, then how do you handle that? or do you just reserve the remainder of ownership for the original buyer. What if that that buyer only ever buys the initial 1%. You can’t ship his hardware off while it has a lien on it.

This is really is an awesome idea, I just hope you’ve ironed out all the legal requirements and nuances with contracts. You’re gonna need a good lawyer to help manage this.

I would also like to point at that this business model becomes obsolete when you bring bigger investors into the picture. This means you’re limited to people who only have a small amount to invest, and will likely not understand what they are getting themselves into. I would hope you’re trying to launch such a service in the attempt to take advantage of that fact.

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Hosting providers already exist. Your plan is to take advantage of the people with not enough money to actually buy miners.