NewB interested in hydroelectric bitcoin mining

Hi . I have a access to great hydro resources and want to set up a hydroelectric mining setup. In Africa. Need to speak to/collaborate with someone at Voskcoin

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very interesting i haven’t herd much of hydroelectric in crypto , what do you need help with exactly ?

The idea is to start with micro hydro smd then scale up.
So it’s a combination of advice on the right tech for the hydro generation and the mining rigs

Would be happy to partner with someone who has the experience in this

Check this out Mate

Was once mentioned in a voskcoin video

And there will be many local alternatives with this very similar concept, as it is easy to replicate

I always thought it would be cool if you could hydroelectric mine remotely with a RTX3080 connected to a raspberry pi, connected to starlink running off solar.

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