Newbie advice - first asic miner (that is actually available to buy)

Hi, I’m a total newb when it comes to mining, this is my first post/question on it anywhere so please go easy on my ignorance. I have ordered a bobcat miner months ago and hoping it will arrive soon. I have also been running Chia on my machine for a few months. I want to get an ASIC miner and start learning and using that, but whenever I find a good article or youtube video, the miner they refer to can’t be bought for love nor money. So… my question is… are there any miners I can actually buy and start mining with and if so, what would you recommend? I don’t really mind what coin I mine as long as it is has sensible profitability and likely continued value, I’d be happy with BTC/LTC/Doge and happy to consider others too, the main thing is that I want to get started asap! I am based in the UK if that matters. Thanks in advance

Hi, nice to see another recruit is planing to join ASIC miners army :slight_smile:

Well its a tough market at the moment, as it is crypto market winter so rates are very low right now.
I noticed that one coin is pretty stable and I currently mining it with 3 ipollo g1 mini miners and its been a great journey.

As you said you are new you have to be careful where you shop, because there are a lot of scam sites, I wouldn’t recommend send crypto or bank transfers to retailer if you are not sure how trustable they are.
I bought mine from and it arrived within 2 days as they are in UK too. And you can pay with PayPal or card, they do have klarna installments payment option as well.
Just check with them directly if they have what you are looking in stock UK, they have contact number on website. Anyway I had another order of CK box from them which was sent from China, arrived within one week. So you won’t get that service in many places around to be honest.

Best bet to buy directly from manufacturer, but waiting on stock availability and possibly missing it due to high demand could be frustrating.

In regards to miners, I would recommend miners with low energy cost, such as ipollo minis or jasminer x4 brick etc. Remember electricity prices are going up in April which means return on investment will be longer.


Thats my setup, just missing another ipollo g1 mini in picture as it was kept in my living room at the time together with other goldshel box

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Thanks Ted. Do you mind letting me know what sort of ROI you’re getting on the ipollo and what you’re mining?

Yes I’m mining MWC coin and at the moment it is on high not like other coins. Just few weeks ago one mini use to mine over 0.3 mwc now rewards gone down to 0.25 coin per day. Please note that these machines are only 100W to 120W so low energy consumption. Not like goldshell boxes.

I’m planning to buy jasminer x4 Brick as it is only 30W

3 ioollo g1 mini machines use to do 1 coin and over a day just two weeks ago, but now I guess difficulty increased and rewards are little bit lower.

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Hi Ted
Ted what’s the hashing power of these Ipollo mini in hashes Please Thank you.

Hi, sorry for late reply. Please see an example from my 2 ipollo which mines mwc

Thank you for that Ted do they do 1 coin a day each?

Oh no. It would be too good to be true.
3 of them used to do 1 coin a day, but now it dropped dramatically and does just around 0.5 mwc a day. However, the coin value increased, maybe thats the reason.