Newbie Build: I'm collecting parts for my first GPU mining rig

Hello, Everyone. I’m a Newbie to mining hardware, and I’m in-the-process of gathering the needed components to make my first GPU mining rig. Red Panda Mining was kind enough to make a video on the subject dedicated to me, and that gave me a lot of good information to start.

Based off of that information, I purchased a used ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ mother board off of eBay. It came with a CPU (probably a 4400), a stick of RAM, and a CPU cooler. It just arrived today, and I’m planning to unbox it for inspection later today.

Next up on my list is a GPU. There are a TON of them out there. A lot are only 4 GB. From what I’ve read, that won’t be valid much longer; so, I’m looking at getting a 6-8 GB (or 8+ GB) card. As y’all are much more experienced, I thought that I’d post here for recommendations.

I should add that I’m trying to do all used (if possible), as my budget is already shoestring. Thank you!!!

I would look for RX 580’s you can find them around $100-150

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Thank you, MM. I’ll look around. Nerd Gearz is having a 5% off sale tomorrow for Father’s Day; but, the two RX 580’s that they had already sold. The Sapphire Pulse Edition went for $104!

check locally I find them all the time on sites like Letgo OfferUp and Facebook Marketplace

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Thank you again. I’ve looked around on Marketplace; but, everyone in my area seems to be selling them for Meth, as the prices are way too high. LOL

There are a few on eBay that I’m watching. Given their price new, I’d really rather keep it to under $100 shipped. I want at least two to start with.

Hello, All. Just a quick update. I’ve purchased two RX 580 8GB GPU off of eBay, and hope to have them both here in the next week to ten-days. I’m planning to get my build up and running with one card, then bring the other one online. More as it comes.

Sweet. Very excited for you and taking the journey along side.

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