[Newbie] Electrical requirements for powering Antminer S19 Pro

Just getting into mining (great timing, I know) and picked up an S19 pro. I’m not great with electrical but I have a licensed professional I trust. My questions pertain to what type of infrastructure I need to safely and efficiently run my S19 Pro. Had my electrician install a 20A duplex receptacle (so two receptacles…each one on its own circuit). He tells me the way he wired it, each individual receptacle can push 2kW/120V; we did this with the miner in front of us knowing it needs to draw 3.6ish kW and he assumed the two male power inputs on the unit’s PSU would each pull up to 120V and half the necessary wattage, combine in the PSU to provide the unit with the (up to) 240V and wattage needed to power the unit safely and sufficiently.

My question is, is this how Bitmain designed the PSU to work, or does each of the power inputs need to be 200V+ individually (ie, I am being an arrogant American and incorrectly assuming everything is built to suit my needs)? I’m happy to have him come back and install 240V receptacles, I am asking more for my own personal understanding.
S19 Pro videos & info online is sparse, but I looked up S17 info incl Bitmain’s own S17 setup instruction here https://support.bitmain.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021217114-How-to-set-up-a-new-S17-Pro-S17 and it’s not crystal clear to me.

Either way, is it advisable for each individual receptacle to run on its own circuit, or should the machine be powered by two cords (of sufficient voltage per above) on the same circuit?


I see two power connections, each different. This one states that it is 220V. This 220V cable looks like it fits the top power supply connector. But, the bottom connector is different

Here’s another picture showing the Power supply is 240V and that you need two power cords.

and another …

Yet finally, when ordering you can specify the power supply input voltage as shown on this link under the power supply drop down box:

The standard computer power connector is the C13 connector. If there are more than three prongs … it is not a C13. The Male end must match your receptacle. For 120V an L5-20R and L5-20P combination works for the plug and receptacle, so you would have an L5-20P plug and C13 connector for the antminer. Note: The standard computer cord is not rated for 20 Amps so you could get by with two L5-15R receptacles using the standard computer cord.

The standard receptacle for 220V is an L6-20R having two flat blades and the ground. You would still need the C13 end for the antminer. Without knowing which power supply you have, unless you order it yourself specifying the power supply voltage, you don’t know which plug receptacle combination you will need.

Basically, what I’m seeing is that due to the smaller conductors of most computer power cords (18 gauge), you will need two of them to carry <10 amps each @ 220 or 240V.
Using two120V circuits, each would have to be > 15 amps so two 20 amp separate circuits would work, but 15 amp circuits would not.

I do not have any antminers, just offering food for thought. Good luck with your setup.

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Both connections are indeed 220V and you want them on a single circuit. They don’t come with power cables either so make sure you get cables to match your receptacle. They recommend two NEMA 6-15R receptacles but 15A 220V breakers were not easy to find for me so I went with NEMA 6-20R receptacle and a 20A breaker. You will then need C13 x NEMA 6-20P cables (or C13 x NEMA 6-15P if you go that route).

If it is like the S17+, they don’t have a power switch and both have to be turned on at the same time or in a certain order so that is the reason behind the single breaker.


Thanks to both of you for your help!

Your electrician should have installed a double pole breaker, this takes up 2 slots on the breaker panel but output to the circuit to 240v on a single line outlet. Basically it takes 2 lines of 120v as in intake and output’s 240v . Here is a link to some double pole breakers on amazon.


Shit! I just ordered about 30 C15 computer connecter ends and soldered 10 AVG copper X 2 hots, then soldered the ground. I run the other side of the 10/2 Romex wire straight into a sonoff 4CH Pro RC WiFi switch coming from a 20AMP 2-Phase (240V) Breaker and put the cables out on number 1 and 3. Doesn’t matter just dont try to run two machines with the Sonoff, the 20AMP Max per gang might fool you as the unit is only rated 16Amp max at 250V. Lots of room for one S19 and you can reboot the unit from your cellphone anywhere in the world! Even set timers and all!