Newbie help for my first rig

Hi guys, I’m new here and pretty new to mining. Recently I’ve build a new pc for video editing and I’m thinking about use some of my old stuff to build a mining rig. The question is: I’ve found here in Italy a store that sell Zotac Mining GTX P104-100 4GB GDDR5X PCi Ex 3.0 16x for about 100€ each, I was thinking about getting 3 of them to start, what do you think about? I actually cannot find some info/reviews about this specific gpu for mining, so do you think they could be a good starting point?
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hi cards are 4gb you cant mining with 4gb cards of dag size. buy cards with 8gb. with 4gb you can mine like pirl if you have free power

second is not worst to start building mining as soon eth will gone you need considering what you mine after eth gone? let say right now for example coin profit is 4eur per day after eth gone coin profit drop be half or more as from eth all gpu and asic miners move to second profitable coins. same with my miners after no more eth 50/50% my miners going profit in minus or it will be like 0.10-0.50eur profit per day. right my 6x gpu make only 2.15 eur profit ring cost 700eur. so is not worst for 2eur build a rig

I am able to mine RavenCoin using GMiner with a 4GB GPU (1650 Super) but at half the rate of an 8GB GPU
Draws 72 watts so is profitable

I use P104-100 cards and they are excellent for today’s mineable cryptocurrencies. Most cards if not all have the capability to be bios-unlocked which allows the computer to use the full amount of video memory on the card. P104’s initially shipped with only 4gb enabled when they all actually have 8gb built on it is just disabled. (When mining took a nosedive after these cards were released, card manufacturers stopped offering support for them thus why it takes a bit of work to unlock them.) I updated the bios on my cards and they work flawlessly. If you’re able to get these cards at a reasonable rate I’d say go for it as I have been very pleased with them.

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