Newbie just sharing my experience so far

I have been mining for two days now. So far so good. Just thought I’d share my early experiences for others that might be on the fence about starting.

I bought an INNOSILICON A10 PRO+ 7GB ETH MINER (750MH/S) from Coin Mining Central. You can pay with crypto (through Coinbase Commerce) or bank wire. Pay by crypto is certainly easier but it triggers taxes and I would potentially lose out on market appreciation. Sending an international wire (I am a US American) is a chore and comes with high fees. I opted to send a wire. The bank charged me $50 and gave me an awful exchange rate from USD to GBP. Ended up costing around $450 total. This option still costs less than redeeming ETH or BTC for GBP. I hindsight I probably should have tried to pay by USDC through Coinbase Commerce. Not really sure if this is a viable option but I need to find some way to avoid excessive bank fees or taxes from selling crypto.

Coin Mining Central confirmed receipt of the wire two days later, as they said they would. The machine arrived about 10 days after that. Not bad.

The unit arrived from DHL in a crappy taped up box with absolutely zero paperwork inside. Definitely not the most professional looking package. However, the unit was in good shape and the proper power supply and cords to connect the power supply to the unit were included. I did need an ethernet cable and a power cord to connect to the wall plug.

Setting up the unit was easy. I joined an ETH mining pool on f2pool in minutes. I am off and running. As advertised the unit produces an average of 750 MH/s. Earned .051 ETH on day 1 - although it wasn’t operational for a full 24 hours. On track to earn .054 ETH on day 2.

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