Newbie looking for trusted Android cryptocurency mining app

Wondering if there is an afk mining app for my android device when I’m afk.

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Like a crypto miner screen saver?

That would be nice. Probably not very profitable.

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The only solution both viable and will be profitable in future without Shortening the life of your phone drastically

Install Pi network

Its an Free to obtain coin which is mined by users, and after mainnet release it will cease.

The app is very simple to use, just prove you are a human 24hr once by clicking a button. That’s it

If the point is to make money, pi is not the answer.

If the point is to Mine coins, Mobile is not the Hardware

True. But having an old phone mine something is better then nothing when I’m sure everybody has like 2 or 3 smart phones collecting dust at this point.

i couldnt get it to go through the sign up … used the code they wanted it didnt work # 7 mining app or website didnt work … so frustrating …

There’s a couple mining “apps” though they’re usually more just a set dispersal of a token as opposed to actual mining. Phoneum was one that I remember seeing, that seems to still be around doing a quick search.

Phoneum is a scam

Only Electroneum is the coin with value and Pi is a coin with hype but no current value

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Thanks for showing interest. Appreciate it

Just download the app directly from Play Store or App store

Install it

Use my refferal ‘RaptorsInc’ (Case sensitive) Try 2-3 times. It will work for sure!

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Yes, most of the phone coins are worthless :smiley: That was just the only one I could remember off the top of my head. Yea, Electroneum was the one that was slightly more legitimate.

If you have spare phones which will be soon in trash, you can do hobby mining

Root the phone, degoogle it or better install custom ROM

Build and run XMRig in it

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Is there a tutorial on that?

I use this since more than 3 Years, without any Problems

@Cryptoster I got you the answers dude

You can try out Scala Coin to mine

Use this app to mine coin you wish