Newbie: Mini Doge won't turn on

Hi all, I got the Goldshell Mini Doge and a third-party 550W PSU.
But when I turn on the PSU, and plug the 6 pin to mini doge, nothing happen.
May I know why?
Seems like I need to connect something to the motherboard cable of my PSU? But I don’t have any motherboard with me though. Is there any better option? Or I can get another model of PSU?

Thanks guys, I’m very new to this, hope you guys can help

This is one of the suggestion from Goldshell, which is to use paperclip to trick the PSU.
But is this dangerous?
Will I get electric shock if I accidentally touch the paperclip? Or short-circuit and caught fire.

yeah you need to either use the paper clip trick or you can buy a adapter that does the same. You will not get shocked from it all it does if memory serves me right is complete the circuit that makes the PSU think it is plugged into the motherboard. As long as you get the right connections you will be fine and safe.

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