Newbie pool question

I have never mined before so this is a basic question…I think. In preparation for the arrival of my CK5 I opened up a DXPool account per some YT videos and threads on this forum. My question is how do I get the CKB I mine from the pool to me? I am assuming I need to get a wallet of some sort and have the CKB transferred to it at certain intervals? I am a complete newbie so assume I don’t know anything about this because I don’t, LOL.


Hi, you can mine to DxPool, from there DxPool has an option to automatic withdraw once a day to your wallet you choose. DxPool has an nice phone App so you can set this all up. I have a CoinEx wallet at this time for sending both CKB and HNS holdings to.

I am new also, and have just got a ckbox and a ck5 going. I have been using dxpool also. It autowithdraws every two days in my case. I don’t know if this is a setting or what. I have been using the neuron wallet, which was easy to set up and allows you to stake the ckb into the nervos dao and earn interest. I learned how to do all of this by watching youtube. The neuron wallet does take forever to sync initially, and is only available on pc, but I like it.