Newbie question - good deal/great deal/pass?

A local seller is selling a rig which is a few years old. He’s already sold some of the graphics cards and 1 power supply, here is what is left. He’s asking $550 Canadian (call it $400 USD approx). I was originally looking to build a new/starter rig and put $1000-$1500 towards it, so this is relatively cheaper, but the older cards I’m not sure its worth it? Maybe sell them for what they are worth and invest my remaining budget on better cards? I know Im not getting rich off it, this is more out of looking into a new hobby. Already familiar with crypto, have been using/investing for a few years. At a minimum I’d try to get it for $500, if the good experts of Reddit think it’s worth the money.

3 x Graphics Cards - AMD’s RX 570 4GBs
1 x Motherboard - Asus Prime Z270-P
1 x CPU - Intel Pentium G4560 3.5 Ghz Dual-Core LGA 1151 Processor Kaby Lake
1 x Memory - Kingston SSD 120GB
1 x Power Supplies - EVGA SuperNOVA 750W 80+ Gold Modular
1 x Frame - Stackable 6 GPU Mining Frame Kit, Black
1 x Dual PSU 24pin ATX 20+4 Pin Connector, 30cm
3 x USB 3.0 PCI-E Express Powered Riser Card w/ Extender Cable 1x to 16x

TIA for any advice/feedback! PS love the channel have watched about every video from the last 2-3 years over the last 2 weeks to bone up on mining.

It isn’t a smokin’ deal by any means. Personally, I would pass.

For 400 USD, I’d take it. The RX570’s alone are more than that. Plus you got all the other goodies. That rig would be good to start with and get your feet wet in my opinion and you won’t be out a lot of money. Since its RX570 cards you’ll probably wanna mine Eth.

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Okay perfect thats basically what I was thinking, its not like the hottest deal on earth, but its a good way to get a bunch of equipment to start, and for $400 USD its not a huge investment. Just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing something like “oh hey btw that mother board is known for exploding” or something.
Thanks for the input guys!

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The main thing is that 4 GB cards may have issues mining some algorithms. You should still be able to mine some stuff with them, but you may run into issues where there are larger memory requirements.

Invest does make a good point. I missed the 4GB part.

I was mining RVN and the KAWPOW T-Rex miner only used 3GB per card.