Newbie questions about mining pools and wallets

I’m a new miner … my ASICS are arriving today. I have a LT5 Pro and a KD Box. Which mining pools should I use ? Also as far as wallets I have set up zelcore but really do not like it much! Is it ok to send my coins directly to an exchange like coin metro ? I also have wallets in Coinbase. Thanks so much for any help !

Take a look at they list top mining pools for specific ASIC’s. You can still use your Coinbase wallet for the LT5 but Coinbase doesn’t offer a wallet for Kadena. I don’t mine Kadena but there are plenty of people on here who do. Look into Chainweaver, that’s a popular wallet. I personally don’t have one but it’s Kadena so might be worth your time

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There are many choices on LTC / Doge you can use Ledger if you are not planning to swap for Fiat immediately. Kadena is more complicated and can be quite tricky. I suggest to use Chainweaver is not very user friendly and also recommended more if you plan to hold since you can not swap it directly but if you understand it it’s easy to use. Chainweaver user guide - Docs
Please try to read more about Kadena network since it is multi chain and bit more complicated vs majority of Crypto networks where you have one address and no worries about chains. 3 key concepts - Docs
Please note mining goes mainly to Chain 0, while I am not sure if exchanges support all chains I think majority works with Chain 1 but I might be wrong. Other guys who are mining to exchanges might have better info I use chainweaver, and you can kind of import your zelcore address to chaiweaver, just make sure you own at least chain 0 and chain 1.

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KDA pools can be found here: Kadena (KDA) Blake2S | Mining Pools (

LTC & DOGE pools can be found here : Litecoin (LTC) Scrypt | Mining Pools (

Here are two very good examples of a coin that is very centralized (KDA) and another coin that is very decentralized (LTC).

Centralized = BAD = Prone to 51% Attack Definition (

Decentralized = Good = More secure and not open to 51% Attack.

Basically, when choosing a pool, do not pick a pool that has 51% or more hash rates. You can see that most KDA miners are mining on Poolflare. Poolflare has 73% of the hash rates. If someone hacks poolflare, they can manipulate KDA in a bad way. And it means your KDA is not secure.

Poolflare offers best mining results for KDA. DXpool offers reasonable mining results. Hashpool offers good mining results but does not yet support “K: address” and right now have very few miners and have issues with payout. (They seem to be working on getting support for K: address and fixing their payout issue.)

Please consider mining KDA from other than Poolflare to help get it decentralized.


Thanks for the info !