Newbie too GPU need insight?

My wife found this here in town on her FB marketplace. The guy is asking 4k for it but I do not know much about GPU mining as I am an ASIC guy. I’ll attach the photos for the information. Maybe you guys get tell me if what the profitability will be for this? Thanks y’all!

Check out

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It shows an ROI of 24 months with 10 cents electric. You’d be making $5.50 net profit everyday.[eth_hr]=174.00&factor[eth_p]=540.00&e4g=true&factor[e4g_hr]=175.80&factor[e4g_p]=540.00&zh=true&factor[zh_hr]=198.00&factor[zh_p]=540.00&cnh=true&factor[cnh_hr]=3900.00&factor[cnh_p]=540.00&cng=true&factor[cng_hr]=6900.00&factor[cng_p]=540.00&cnf=true&factor[cnf_hr]=6600.00&factor[cnf_p]=540.00&cx=true&factor[cx_hr]=0.00&factor[cx_p]=0.00&eqa=true&factor[eqa_hr]=900.00&factor[eqa_p]=540.00&cc=true&factor[cc_hr]=25.80&factor[cc_p]=540.00&cr29=true&factor[cr29_hr]=25.80&factor[cr29_p]=540.00&ct31=true&factor[ct31_hr]=0.00&factor[ct31_p]=0.00&ct32=true&factor[ct32_hr]=1.32&factor[ct32_p]=540.00&eqb=true&factor[eqb_hr]=84.60&factor[eqb_p]=540.00&rmx=true&factor[rmx_hr]=3180.00&factor[rmx_p]=540.00&ns=true&factor[ns_hr]=0.00&factor[ns_p]=0.00&al=true&factor[al_hr]=345.00&factor[al_p]=540.00&ops=true&factor[ops_hr]=134.40&factor[ops_p]=600.00&eqz=true&factor[eqz_hr]=117.00&factor[eqz_p]=540.00&zlh=true&factor[zlh_hr]=144.00&factor[zlh_p]=540.00&kpw=true&factor[kpw_hr]=64.20&factor[kpw_p]=540.00&ppw=true&factor[ppw_hr]=67.80&factor[ppw_p]=600.00&x25x=true&factor[x25x_hr]=17.40&factor[x25x_p]=540.00&fpw=true&factor[fpw_hr]=60.00&factor[fpw_p]=540.00&vh=true&factor[vh_hr]=2.58&factor[vh_p]=540.00&factor[cost]=0.1&factor[cost_currency]=USD&sort=Profitability24&volume=0&revenue=24h&factor[exchanges][]=&factor[exchanges][]=binance&factor[exchanges][]=bitfinex&factor[exchanges][]=bitforex&factor[exchanges][]=bittrex&factor[exchanges][]=coinex&factor[exchanges][]=dove&factor[exchanges][]=exmo&factor[exchanges][]=gate&factor[exchanges][]=graviex&factor[exchanges][]=hitbtc&factor[exchanges][]=hotbit&factor[exchanges][]=ogre&factor[exchanges][]=poloniex&factor[exchanges][]=stex&dataset=&commit=Calculate

It’s up to you whether you want to proceed. It’s just my opinion, but I think if you GPU mine, you’re going backwards. With mining difficulties rising everyday, ASIC is the future. I hope this helps!

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Thanks for the share Mike! BTW brother got another order soon!

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Thanks Martin for your input, I do think I’ll stay away from GPU, never found it to be something I was into but was curious if this guy was selling something super cheap. I think I’ll pass and stick with Asics :+1:

I posted a “newbie to mining” post a week ago and got like 1 response its so frustrating vets dont wanna take time to help. I triedc marketplace in my area and SOOOO much crap popped up I dont know where to start. Im trying to sign up for merit america IT course to give me more knowledge/skills, and im actually listening to a “computer basics” video on youtube as I type lol “this is a cpu” etc. Speaking of i tried beginning on salad,io with my laptop/cpu…made 20 cents in 2 days lmfao good grief…what a new adventure…sooooo what cpu/gpu is basically useless and you need asic? Doyou also need a monitor and desktop is a laptop useless?..

Hey Carl,

The right price for this type of rig should be around 2k-2.5k max.
I have a few 1660S and 588 rigs. 588 , 8 card can be had for about 1.4k before shipping. 1660s, 8 card is currently going around 2k before shipping.

Granted this guy probably overpaid for his PSU, motherboard and frame, but 4k is definitely way to expensive.

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After hearing the profitablity I certainly agree! Thank you for your input. I will stay away from that one!

Sorry to hear that mickey! I decided not to start or dabble in GPU. I feel more comfortable with ASICs. Hopefully you learn a lot in your classes and can bring that knowledge into this forum. The best investment anyone can make is an investment in one’s self with knowledge to become more valuable.

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I’m not a pro or even a movie by any means but Vosk has videos about what ASIC miners are but essentially they are a stand alone machine and it’s only job is to mine crypto and most of the time a specific type of crypto. You would also need a monitor so you set it up (as far as I can tell). There is a lot of information out there you might just want to look over the past videos that Vosk has put out then go from there!

@mickeykomtra You should watch every vosk video that is out there. Consider it free education. Also, be careful with bitboy…he always says he has some great idea/advice, I watched him when I first got started, but to me he is just full of crap/pump and dump for the most part. You will pickup different things from Vosk’s videos. You’ll start to learn the terminology and understand what people are talking about. You’ll also figure out what kind of mining interests you. Do not get fomo, I repeat again DO NOT GET FOMO!! People get scammed all the time because of it. Also, search this forum, read some of the older threads…veterans have answered questions like your original post numerous times, so they’re not going to answer the same question 5000 times. And… before you buy anything, ask on here if the site or seller is legit, again there are countless scammers out there.

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Bitboy is a sellout.


thanks buddy

seems like that …im just onlky a year in though and youtube is littered with people looking for crypto fame its hard to sift through…his stuff pops up alot and i figured well the guys worth 33 million couldnt hurt to listen