Newbie wanting to get started

Newbie here wanting to get starting in crypto mining. What is an optimum device to start with to get my feet wet and then able to scale later. I live in area where electricity is less than .10/kWh. I have a couple partners willing to do this together. Just need some guidance to get started. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Your first decision is whether you want to build gpu rigs, or by ASICs and just manage them. Both have maintenance but Asics are easier to maintain and tend to be more reliable. Gpus tend to be more versatile and hold resale value better.

Next you want to consider your budget and what your willing to lose if everything goes haywire. If you only have a few thousand then I’d recommend a mini doge or a kd box. If your in the 10s of thousands range I’d start with a KD5, and maybe a S19J 110TH. Always best to go with newer more efficient hardware since it should be profitable for a longer period of time. I dont gpu mine so I can’t advise on that, sorry.

Third consider your electric situation, do you have a warehouse you can rent. If your doing this out of your house and you own it. You can upgrade to a 400amp service, but if your renting your stuck with 200amp and need permission from your landlord to install 240v outlets.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


WOW, that was a great answer, thnx.

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