[Newbie] Why is other SHA-256 algorithms profit also decreased?

Hi guys sorry if this is stupid, I just got into mining crypto I know that the btc havling just happened like yesterday and reward is minus by half and the price didn’t skyrocket thus the profit drop half as well but why is other SHA-256 profit also decreased is it because other BTC miners move to other coins to mine?

That is probably partially the case. For most coins you should be able to check the difficulty… was there a big jump following the halving?

I’ve noticed exodus wants £1.40 (~$1.72) in BTC tx fees today which was to be expected I suppose.

most people that were mining BTC were using ASICS and they can only stay on the same algo so thats gonna hurt the alts with the same algo as BTC I think we will still see some crazy volatility in BTC in the near future