Newbie with a gaming PC Some questions for the experienced:

Hi guys.

New to the site and crypto mining in general. I have a gaming pc that sits idle while I’m sleeping/at work so figured I’d put that girl to work.

MSI B450 tomahawk mobo
Ryzen 7 2700x
Gtx 1060 6g
16gb tridentz ram

Anyways, I’m looking to turn this into a bit of a side hustle, and have been mining for about 3 days. (Full disclaimer I have no idea what I’m doing other than following some YouTube tutorials). so right now I’m mining ETH with lolminer. I’m getting about 20.5 mh/s with a memory OC via msi afterburner.

My questions are:

have any of you started a mine from a pc gaming rig and turned it into a serious stream of income for yourselves? If so is it still possible to do so in 2021? Is it a pipe dream to want to have my gaming pc pay itself into becoming a decent mining farm just from the profits it makes? is saying with today’s eth value it’d pull down about $90 a month.

Thanks for the input guys. Hopefully this forum sticks with me. I’m positive this is an incredible source of knowledge.

I run about 4 rigs of single GPU machines and it is profitable for RIGHT NOW. That’s going to change in a short while with the Etherium hard fork in July. Then it will get nearly zero results in about a year or two. But there is hope in the horizon as Etherium mining or nice hash mining doesn’t require your cpu (unless activated in nicehash) you can co mine things like hard drive sharing services, Tfuel (requires a little bit of gpu) and a host of other things. So pay your machine off with Etherium and also get some passive in the future with other mining services