Newbie with questions on where to start

Wow. The world of mining is so exciting and overwhelming. So hard to decide where to start. After research I think ASIC mining is the best fit for me. Seems like all mining machines are way overpriced as of today 2-11-22. Seems like the break even could be over a year out unless we see a shift in the crypto market. So going the kd6 route seems tough to get into and a big risk for a newbie. Was thinking of starting with a voskcoin mini dodge to get my feet wet once they are available and possibly a helium miner. I don’t own a personal computer. Can these miners work with an ipad? If not what laptop or desktop would you all recommend? Would only use the pc to use with the asic miner.

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I started with the mini doge now have 10. I do everything on my phone from set up to firmware updates. That’s how I felt comfortable learning and trying to grow.

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Do you know about crypto already?
If I sent you some LTC could you trade it to KAVA and send it back to me? Do you have an exchange (or many)? You have a KAVA network compatible wallet? How about a SOL or LUNA wallet? KDA ? I’m not trying to be a smart alec, just pointing out the complexities.

Depending on where you are at with overall cryptocurrency knowledge, I might recommend buying a desktop computer first and getting as fluent in crypto as you can. Compared to the price of ASIC’s, any computer is cheap.

I understand the other commenter is successful at using a phone to access the miners but I strongly recommend using a computer interface via either wifi or wired network first.

The computer I recommend, and provide to people I train, Is a HP all-in-1 . With all the modern stuff they’re around $350-550 (US). You can surely get fancier. I like cheap and simple.

Learn, learn, learn and learn some more before you spend multiple thousands of dollars on any machine. Personally I could agree and disagree with the idea of a Script or HNT miner, but you have to be in it to win it, get something and start swimming with us. (a Mini Doge, is a script miner, you can mine any of the many Script Algorithm Coins)

Just to tell you about the other side, I prefer mining with GPU’s mining Coins. I have numerous styles of miners. You don’t seem interested in GPU and I’m not really pitching it. But do, consider and learn about all angles of mining. The knowledge is interchangeable in many cases and will give you an edge across all types.

Cheers, see you in the pool.

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I enjoyed reading your post. I am a newbie too. I have been watching a ton of YouTube videos and reading all I can but what curious what you would recommend the best route for learning is. Thanks in advance!