online purchases

Anyone else dealt with to purchase hardware?
So far garbage to purchase with.

I have bought lots from them about $2000 worth to be exact lol I haven’t had any problems yet (knocks on wood)

I bought 4 GPU’s the AMD RX 5700 MSI MECH OC, a few SSD’s and HDD’s, a monitor, an SSD/HDD dock, a cpu cooler, some thermal paste and some case fans.

I am still waiting on the case fans and one GPU but everything else arrived and was what I expected it to be and everything worked fine.

Thanks for the input. I have a bit more convinced now.

I applied for the NewEgg credit card and got approved for $1900 and maxed it out building a rig lol

that’s how I know I spent about $2000

What’s interest on that? And, is it a Visa or MasterCard?

it thru Synchrony bank and it’s 0% for 6 months and I plan to pay it off by then I am sure it goes over 20 after that I didnt even checn because I dont plan to pay it and you get 6 months on each purchase over $250 only not just your first 6 months

I’ve purchased quite a bit there in last 6 months. USPS was nice enough to lose one package and it was easy enough to get a refund… just had to wait a week while they requested a track of package.

I prefer them over amazon.

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I only use Amazon as a last resort but when I do use them always remember to chose a charity and use

my charity is the Cajun Navy because its a local charity I think is amazing they are basically just regular dudes with boats that go to places hit by hurricanes and try to rescue people trapped by floods. I am pretty sure it doesn’t cost you anything extra Amazon gives them a donation based on how much you spend its not added to your total but I’m not %100 on that.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll look into them.

I ordered two L3+ from Newegg (two different vendors) which came in ok but the power supplies were old and dirty. They don’t tell you that in the ad. I like Newegg & Amazon refund policy.