Newegg Legit website ...?

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I know I ordered things from Newegg before, but what about the heavy machinery? Do you think that their vendors are legit or will bounce once the money transaction goes through?

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I’m a miner supplier on Newegg, of course we are legal, we need upload business license to Newegg, maybe some seller will cancel your order, but you won’t lose your money anyway
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I purchased a miner through Newegg. No problems and it arrived as described.

Gotta buddy ,ordered a KD box for 5k, two days later they all jumped in price to 9 and 10k. Has not heard hyde nor hair from the seller.

Thank you! How about that ??
I was looking into that kd5 unit

Have not heard of them.

Here are a few points to consider points that stand out to me:

  1. Scroll down on their website and you will see their logo pixelated;
  2. Right below that, there is a statement about the apps with buttons to App Store and Google Play. The buttons do not work, and the app is not in either of the stores.
  3. The address is actually a mailbox rental service -


  1. Domain name existed since 2017 -

  2. The website says that they accept:
    Bank Transfer
    Coins Payment ( BTC, LTC , DASH)
    ( Credit Card) Amazon Pay ( Max $10000)

If you are looking at spending $73k for KD5, I would reach out to them and have a conversation, to get a bit more detail on the company, and see if you get red flags popping up :slight_smile:

And I would definitely want to know a couple of people that had successful transactions with them before spending that much.

Also, if you google the phone number that they have on the website - 480-409-1459 - you get Salesforce Business Analyst Training - 480-409-1459 - Google Search

Arizona Secretary of State search was down, but you can check it later to see if they exist - Business | Arizona Secretary of State

Hey thank you! I really don’t want to spend that much on a miner but I know an investor who does and that is really great information to have and I really do appreciate that input you provided.

Hey do you know if or is a legit website?

Thank you!


How did you know “3. The address is actually a mailbox rental service -

I see what your talking about about the app store and Google play non-functioning buttons! Thats great detective clues!!

Your awesome :ok_hand:

Your awesome!

I used your link to see if "Salesforce " is a legit business and it yielded no results!!

That page is in fact a decoy of deception!!!

Salesforce is not a specific business. It is a business application used for collecting and contacting leads. It compiles masses of data for individuals and businesses to categorize them into different segments based on their individual needs. I use it where I work.

you know a guy here on the page is selling one for 59k

Hey, Regarding the PO Box - it is mentioned on the yelp page on top in the description of the business - “Box N Mail, Mailbox Centers, Notaries, Couriers & Delivery Services”. This one is different from PO Box (Post Office Box); you rent from that specific company/store and it acts as a “Suite Number” for the outsiders.

I personally have not used but Red Panda Mining channel promotes them -
Unboxing Some Mining FREEDOM! - YouTube - that’s one of the manufacturers

As to the investor, I would be even more prudent in my choices.

If you click on the link you will see the phone number in the Google My Business page - the phone number belongs to some training/educational company, not the - 480-409-1459 - Google Search

As I was typing this, I looked and noticed that they have changed the phone number on the website to 480-535-3029. Guess what, it belongs to yet another unrelated company - 480-535-3029 - Google Search

I think there is plenty of evidence to avoid them.

I got my first KD box off Newegg. it was 4900. Two days later the prices doubled. I was convinced I had been taken. The tracking # did not update. Then the day before the announced delivery date, Boom there it was. Totally shocked.

that’s nice