Newpac Miner 0 chips found error

Has anyone else seen this “0 chips found” error. I have the latest Zadig installed and the windows driver.

So when I the .bat file I get

Not sure what is wrong here. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

BAts,driver pic

Of course, I assume you have accounted for this, but I’ll bring it up.

I am running 4.10.0 So maybe I’m viewing this incorrect due to version. I had to google Zadig to understand your pictures. Why Zadig instead of the provided drivers? Does it provide some safety for you or is it just convenience?

Personally I usually have to run all the drivers when I use the Newpac on a new comp.

I do recall a couple years ago having to run “all” the drivers to get my laptop to recognize the USB

I don’t know if this helps… I just didn’t want to leave you hanging. You’re not alone, I clearly have the same issue. Just keep trying.

Addon/edit : My newpac constantly fall off, meaning no chips found. Any new windows update, if the comp goes into power save mode (<only sometimes, other times it power saves and keeps running???)
Those dudes who run 10 newpacs on a extension USB board with and extra power source… I could never understand how they don’t have failing chip issues constantly. When I used an extension USB board I burned out all the usb sockets, one after another.

I followed the instructions here, first post:

I have the newpac in a usb hub.

Ya maybe it’s a windows update because it used to work.

I’ll jump in, I’m running four NewPaccs on Linux for about two years and randomly one just started saying zero chips found… But it’s got power and lights and is recognized just maybe the ASIC chip STB, idk.



Ya it used to work, it just kinds stopped one day. What does STB stand for?

Haha shit the bed. But yep it just literally stopped one day, no idea why.