Next 10x Crypto? Beam a GPU Mineable Cryptocurrency with DeFi, NFTs, and Staking!

Next 10x Crypto? Beam a GPU Mineable Cryptocurrency with DeFi, NFTs, and Staking! Beam the mimblewimble privacy coin with decentralized atomic swaps is launching NFTs, BeamX staking, and DeFi! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

Get beamed up with Beam crypto!
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Decentralized Finance DeFi and then NFTs Non-Fungible Tokens really made Ethereum shine and then Binance Smart Chain and Solana among other blockchains and now Beam a GPU mineable cryptocurrency has launched support for DeFi, NFTs, and BEAM has had their own unique true peer to peer p2p atomic swaps for years now. Beam has launched BeamX a governance token that Beam holders can be rewarded with for simply staking. Beam lets crypto investors earn passive income with their GPU mining rigs and earn passive income staking their cryptocurrency earning more coins. Let’s review Beam and all of their exciting recent cryptocurrency token development!

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00:00 BEAM the GPU mineable coin
01:55 Mimblewimble BEAM and beamhash III
04:13 What is the BEAM project?
05:53 What are Atomic Swaps in BEAM?
06:47 Features of BEAM project
08:08 What are Confidential Assets in BEAM?
08:46 BEAM web wallet
09:14 Upcoming features of BEAM project
09:54 NFTs on BEAM platform?
10:11 BEAM project Audit
10:31 BEAM BeamX staking
11:42 VoskCoin BEAM crypto review

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Next 10x Crypto? Beam a GPU Mineable Cryptocurrency with DeFi, NFTs, and Staking!