could be the NEXT Big Web 3.0 Play!

Opensea is an NFT marketplace worth over 13 billion, but move over opensea because there’s a new NFT marketplace called launching with their Genesis Keys that let you become part of their DAO?! Sub to VoskCoin!

NFTcom will be the next big NFT web 3.0 play! Genesis Keys join the NFT DAO! Announces Date of Genesis Key Public Sale
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OpenSea and LooksRare are both incredibly successful NFT marketplaces that have made Billions of Dollars. is now entering the NFT market space, and their Genesis Keys are going to be released soon. Will they be the next Bored Apes NFT collection? How will this affect earning passive income with NFTs? Is this the next biggest play to make within the Web 3.0 ecosystem?

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00:00 Could be the next OpenSea?
01:02 The future of NFT passive income
02:11 Genesis Keys
03:49 Public team of
05:41 Growth potential of NFTs
06:36 Decentralizing with a DAO
08:23 How does marketplace work?
09:52 How wants to differentiate from OpenSea
10:49 Power of infrastructure in crypto
11:41 VoskCoin review

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