NFTs, More than Just A Pretty Picture?

NFTs, Non-fungible Tokens, have always seemed strange to me. The question I always asked myself is why would someone pay to “own” a JPEG that they could just copy and paste wherever they wanted to use it?

Then I started to find really purposes behind NFTs when I found Charity Pops!

CharityPops are uniquely illustrated NFTs that raise awareness for your favorite cause and give back to charity through art. Every collection consists of 5 causes, and 60% goes directly to the charity-- but as we reach our milestones the higher the % going to charity rises!

This is the type of NFT I can get behind and give my support!

What are some other charitable uses have you found?

Speaking of support :wink: I would love to support more great causes if I am lucky enough to receive the resources. My Metamask eth wallet is 0x5D7f87B9ceA4D4B8ede546494277d0822F5BCB8E