NHOS network issues

I keep seeing some people on here talking about NHOS being the most profitable software, but as it goes, everyone has an opinion based on their own experience. I have tried NHOS on my 6x 5700xt rig, and I had nothing but problems. Not the mining part, but elsewhere. Didn’t know if anyone has ran into the same issue or knows a fix, so here goes.

I used the NHOS flash tool to create the boot drive. I plugged it in, turned it on, and it’s off an running. About an hour later it’s done with the benchmarks and showing me hashrate and all that. Great! A couple hours later, I get a text from my wife (I was in my shed with my computer and mining equipment) saying the tv wasn’t working(streaming device).

I noticed the internet on my computer was also down. I turn everything off, run a new line to my shed, restart modem, router, switches, etc. plugged everything back in one at a time, starting with TVs, phones, switches, etc. everything was working. I get to the miner, and boom. Internet crashes again and I have to restart the entire network from modem out once again.

This time, I left the miner unplugged and gave it a few hours. Everything seemed to run great. Plugged it back in and it crashes yet again. Repeat steps above except I put my HiveOS drive back on and it’s all running smooth, and has been for over a week now.

So my question I guess is this… why the hell is NHOS crashing my network? Is there something I can do so it won’t? Should I bother with NHOS if HiveOS is doing well on nanopool?

My network looks like this…
Modem from Spectrum—> Unifi 5 port router —> Unifi Edgemax 8 port switch(for house) —> Unifi 24port switch(in shed)

I have two Unifi APs hooked up, one in the house and one in the shed. A couple of Firesticks, couple Xbox(wired) and the usual phones and tablets etc on WiFi. In my shed, I only have the AP, my gaming pc, miner and a test bench that are hooked into the network 24/7 and a few extra lines for the occasional “fix a friends computer” or whatever.


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@Carl_Bishop The other thing you might consider is using HiveOS mining to NiceHash. I did that very successfully for a few months and got the benefits of a stable Linux OS, with the flexibility and profitability of NiceHash.


Do you think the NiceHash pool pays more than Nanopool? Right now with 6 5700xt (317MH/s with a couple bios mods and the best OC/UV settings I can keep stable) and an RTX 3060ti I’m showing about 0.85-0.9 ETH/mo. I know NiceHash usually pays in BTC, but I want to keep payouts in ETH.

@Carl_Bishop Certainly taking a historical view NiceHash has been a higher payer than any other pool, even with the mining fee of 2% as opposed to 1% for Nanopool (plus your mining software’s devfee). Right now it may not be but I’m over the days when I would spend hours switching from pool to pool just to see if I could get a bit higher return (and usually it was false economy as I would often miss periods of mining which negated any additional income I may have earned).

I’m happy to be paid in BTC because I can switch easily and cheaply from BTC to ETH and back again within my wallet.