Nice hash post about phoenix. What are your thoughts?

What do you guys think of all this?

I was just made aware of this also. Does anyone have more information on this?

More Information on reddit. But to me it looks like the TOS the repo and the developer went MIA so NiceHash decided it was a good time to scare people into using there “QuickMiner” or They screwed up and downloaded a version from an untrusted source so they are trying to shift blame to someone else. Either way something looks fishy on NH side. I really like the part were they try to call the developer a criminal because he wanted to be anonymous. I thought that was what Crypto Currencies were about anonymity? So far it seems like NH is the only organization “worried” about it. But I guess we will see how this plays out.

There is an official statement from Phoenix Miner out today.

There is a reason its called NiceHack !

Yeah does someone really “Exit Scam” as NH put it when they can leave the software abandoned and still make huge profits. Check it out this is one of there fee addresses.


Well, now you know who 51% attacked many pools to pay back what they lost.

Ok, well im a bit confused as my NH quickminer is still using Phoenix Miner and never stopped at any point that i can see. Unclear what the point of this is.

I think what you are using is the NiceHash miner. They also have the QuickMiner that they describe here Its basically a wrapper around a proprietary miner called Excavator. I have tried it and find it mostly a crap miner.

Thanks spaz, i had no idea they had yet a 3rd mining option. Pretty happy with their basic option.