NiceHash CPU only pushing about 50% load

Any reason for this? I’ve noticed gpu’s just maxing out the whole time with the cpu staying at roughly 50%. Using i9 7980XE and 2 FTW 1080 ti’s. Also is nice hash really worth it or should I swap back to mining independently?

Only CPU mining coin with Large Userbase and high price is Monero

Monero uses RandomX POW and it specially needs 2mb L3 Cache per thread

Your Intel has 18 cores 36 Threads and 20mb of L3 cache

20/2 = 10 threads of RandomX

These threads are speard among 9 cores of your CPU, hence 50%

Only AMD Chips can fulfill 2mb of L3 per cache

if you bought this chip exclusively for mining, then sorry your chip is only capable of that much

And for now Nicehash is way profitable than individual Mining

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I didn’t buy it for mining otherwise I would of gone other routes. So is it still worth it to use the CPU or just run graphic cards? I mean I get like .65 per day with CPU but is generating more power that its making?

Your CPU itself is not profitable, its running at a loss due to electricity

However your cpu too runs 24x7, but using low power. So it depends on you whether to mine with it or not

Better you mine Wownero, lite version of Monero which needs 1 mb cache only separately

Can you even sell Wownero yet though or just mine it?

It is actively traded in Tradeorge

you can try out scala too