Nicehash Giving very low hashrate

Hello everyone, I usually mine on another pool but recently, I want to switch to Nicehash on SHA256ASICBOOST to get some extra Th/s.

The miner is a1246 Avalon Canaan which is about 90th but nicehash is only showing like ~9-11Th
The miner’s dashboard shows “no active pool” occasionally but the th is average ~87th.
On the previous pool, I was getting about ~90th.

Any idea how to fix this? Is the miner just not compatible with Nicehash?


Yeah, It could just not be compatible. That would be my guess!

what hashrate does it show on nicehash if you just use SHA256?

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0; it stay in idle stage when ever I try the normal SHA-256 on Nicehash.