Nicehash & RX 5700 XT

Hey guys, longtime lurker, first time poster.

I’ve built a rig using 2nd hand GTX 1080 that I got locally. I setup Nicehash and it benchmarked and started mining. No problems easy breezy.

I decided to switch to an AMD motherboard and ended up getting an RX 5700 XT. I installed windows again and and went through installing the driver for the AMD card and opened up Nicehash but it keeps throwing me an error under status under the GPU. Cpu mines fine, I haven’t installed the GTX 1080 yet on the new motherboard since I just wanted to do one card at a time and start with the 5700 since it will be the main one.

I don’t even know if this makes any sense lol. Any ideas why it’s not benchmarking the AMD card? In notifications it’s saying something about a compute mode, but that mode isn’t available in the RADEON settings. Thanks in advance.

I’ve tried installing the GTX 1080 and Nicehash is also showing an error under status for that as well… so now I don’t even know where to go from here

uninstall and reinstall nicehash. i had that issue once and thats what i did.


increase virtual memory. as fallow your problem virtual memory not enough run gpu increase around 31-56gb depend how many gpu you have,make sure all plugs are update, for amd recomemded blockchain drivers. also best way run mining os not windows

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The compute mode is from older versions of the drivers I think. If you go back and install the older blockchain drivers, I’m pretty sure those have the compute/graphics switch on them.

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Actually I think it’s more to do with the generation of the card. My RX570s need to switch from Graphics to Compute mode when you first install them but my RX5700s didn’t have that switch so I assume they do it automatically.

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Winner winner, so simple. Thank you they’re all recognized now :slight_smile: the reinstall did it.


I guess the compute mode is just nonsense for older cards it seems. I do have one small minor issue, I can live without it but would like to remedy the situation. see screen shot attached, the AMD Card is not showing any temp/load%/RPM is that a bug?

do these numbers seem good? I haven’t touched any settings in the new 5700 XT card, is it worth modding it with afterburner or should I just leave things as they are since it’s functional? Thanks so much for your help guys Much appreciated!

happy to help and no older cards dont have the compute mode sadly.