No GPU on Asrock H110 BTC+

Okay, I am perplexed, I have a miner running 13 Nvidia GPUs on the Asrock H110 motherboard.

Everything was working fine. I shut the miner down, relocated it, power it up and suddenly there are no GPUs in Device Manager. I have a Linux mining SSD (Minerstat OS) and it couldn’t detect the GPUs either. I’ve been checking my power connectors, they seem good. On power-up all GPUs start running, but nothing is detected.

I’m thinking it’s a hardware fault - just can’t seem to find it.

Windows 10 is the OS and the PC runs just fine - just no GPUs anymore.

Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for the gpu?

Yup. NVIDA installer can’t detect any compatible hardware.

This issue doesn’t seem to care about the OS, it’s got to be hardware right?

The GPUs do power on, but the machine can’t see them anymore.

id have a look in the bios of ya motherboard, verify latest firmware.
if that fails, remove them all, and put them in 1 at a time to see if it sees the one, may find one faulty.
if that fails motherboard maybe bad. i could be wrong, but thats how its seems from here.

Yup. I have a spare board, was hoping to use it on another build, but gotta get these running.

it may just be a weird power issue. try running it with one card plugged in to test if thats the issue. if that doesnt work then im not sure, if it does work then start plugging in one at a time until it doesnt work, and see if there is a gpu thats causing the fault.

Thanks all.

I broke out my other H110 BTC Pro motherboard to go from there. This is interesting:

If I plug a card into the PCIE x16 slot, I get no video output. If I don’t connect a riser to the x16 slot, I get video. So… I know that this board has a Onboard or Discrete GPU setting in BIOS/UEFI. I go into BIOS/UEFI and there is NO option to change the video source. The only thing on that particular page is to launch a diagram showing which slots are connected. It’s strange, this is the same board as I have used on other builds and this is the first time I have seen that diagram.

you have another riser?