No support from Coin Market Central

Update as of 11/2/21 3:00est
-support got back to me and we solved the problem. A3 power supply worked. Didn’t need to plug in all connections. Thank you support for getting back to me. New machine coming soon. Get your ASICs b4 I try to buy them all lol :wink:

Hello all. I received my miner from Coin Market Central @coinminingcentral yesterday to find a terrible headache. They sent a miner with no good package support and expect it to work. It gets crazier from there y’all.

Miner had 2 left screws securing the back plate. Suppose to be 4 smh

They claim the unit was tested before shipped but how can you test a unit and send a power supply that doesn’t even power the miner. I got a bitmain A3 with 10 connections. Funny the A10pro has 4 boards with 3 pins each. That’s 12 plus control board. That’s a total of 13. So you sent a power supply with only 10 connections smh

Still nothing from support. Sounds like I just got scammed!!

This is horrible. they probably get their test results from their supplier in china. you have to take it with the grain of salt. it’s 50/50 from what i’ve been reading across different forums. i hope you get this problem resolved asap.